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Kick-Ass Diva Sizzle Reel

May 29, 2014

So this is the sizzle reel I’ve been trying to find an afternoon to finish since March. It’s to give a sense of the feel of my short The Kick-Ass Diva (if you want to know about the film, it’s in this post right here). Hope you like it!

For those who don’t know what a “sizzle reel” is (I really loathe that name) – it’s basically a trailer for a show that hasn’t been made yet. It’s put together in pre-production to give a tone and basic concept of the finished project. Sometimes it incorporates some footage that’s already been shot, and sometimes it re-purposes footage from other sources (or both).

There’s a semi-famous sizzle reel that director Joe Carnahan put together for a possible Daredevil film that never got made, unfortunately. It looks like it could be a lot of fun. Here’s that reel:

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