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1-4-3, 2-8-2

January 13, 2015

henrybeard1I recently read about an essay writing technique called the 2-8-2. Two minutes of prep and organization, 8 minutes of writing, and two minutes of editing. I realized part of the problem with me keeping up with this blog is that I’m a perfectionist in my writing (it takes forever to write an email!) and if I’m going to keep the blog current, which I haven’t done lately, I need to streamline how I work.

I heard about the technique from an interview with Henry Beard, one of the founders of the National Lampoon, as a technique he was forced to use at his prep school. It’s designed to be quick, efficient and disciplined. We’ll see how long this lasts. My goal is to try and write at least 2-3 blogs a week, along with some short comedic essays that I may also put up here.

On a side note, the interview with Beard was in Poking a Dead Frog, by Mike Sacks – it’s a great book of interviews with comedy writers of all sort – from Mel Brooks, to Henry Beard, to writes for the Onion, to TV writers, to… lots of different people.

This one came in way under 8 minutes.

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  1. Sean E. P. Hunt
    January 14, 2015 at 11:05 am

    Hey Brother,

    Thanks for the interesting read. I will be trying this for sure. Not that I’m a pro like you, but my current process takes up too much time and I always go way over the word count. So how were your holidays?


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    • January 15, 2015 at 12:37 pm

      Good – Glad to be back home and able to sleep through the night. SO SORRY that I didn’t call on your birthday! It’s been stupid busy getting back in the groove, which is a terrible excuse. Hope you had a great day!

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