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So Many Festival submissions…

January 15, 2015

I was recently sent emails by both Festhome.com and withoutabox. Festhome is yet another new festival submission service. Looking at its FAQ page, it seems to be centered in Europe, and either didn’t proofread it’s FAQs or (more likely) isn’t centered in England, so it’s translated into English. Which explains the many grammatical errors and strangely/confusingly worded answers to questions I didn’t ask.

Festhome doesn’t seem to offer anything that FilmFreeway doesn’t, and in fact charges for every submission you make, on top of the entry fees. It does store films on their own servers at (they claim) high quality, which again doesn’t necessarily differentiate them from FilmFreeway.

The more interesting email was from Withoutabox, asking me to take a survey about their website. I wish I’d written down the questions, but have you ever taken a survey that feels geared for you to give a particular answer? Never having been asked to take a WAB survey before, I can only assume they’re trying to figure out why they’re losing so much business to FilmFreeway. But the survey kept asking what was most important to me – depth of entry information or simplified entries, as if the problem they’re having is a question of priorities, not that their website is a slow-moving dinosaur, and their search engine actually comes up with different festivals, depending on the… whim of the server…? I’ll put in the same key words, hit search, wait a strangely long time for it to be 2015 and a broadband connection, and be told no festivals match that criteria. Try it a little later, wait the same amount of time, and there’s my festival.

I did make a comment on the survey about how they’re asking the wrong questions to make their upper management think that the problem isn’t their lousy website, but is instead some other problem of not understanding their customer base’s priorities.

And it’s FilmFreeway with the win.

Educate me – is anyone using Festhome? Does anyone still prefer withoutabox. I only use WAB if the festival I’m looking for hasn’t migrated to FilmFreeway (yet).

p.s. I cheated on this one and edited for 2 1/2 minutes.

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