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One Frame / Many Frames

November 20, 2013 2 comments

The World Wildlife Foundation animated a number of images from their collection to make them appear to be full motion video. It’s pretty fantastic (and short!) – check it out.



Eyes on the Stars

February 4, 2013 Comments off

I just found out about these guys today and can’t wait until I have time to dig into them deeper.

StoryCorp is a non-profit that records people’s stories across the nation, preserving and sharing the stories of all sorts of people. I’ve know about them, but it looks like they’ve taken some of them and animated them. This one is done by Bill Wray, who’s kinda famous in the comic book and animation world.

The story is about the Ronald E. McNair, who was the second African American to enter space. It’s a pretty great story, with awesome animation.


January 30, 2013 Comments off

This is a new Disney short. You may have seen it (I guess it played with Wreck-it Ralph, which I haven’t seen), but it’s pretty awesome.

The techniques used to make it are pretty awesome, too. They create it in 3D, like a Pixar film, then draw over it, basically with a digital pen. So it has the visual potential of a 3D film, but the charm of a hand-drawn animation. Here’s a link to a pretty enthusiastic article about how it was done.

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Why Cartoons Are Important

October 18, 2012 2 comments

Really, it’s why classic animation is important. Well… really why watching it on TCM this Sunday evening is important. But that sounds like a title no one would want to read, so you get “Why Cartoons Are Important.”

Jerry Beck tells you why you should watch, over at Cartoon Brew. I’m looking forward to seeing Max Fleischer’s Gulliver’s Travels – kinda sounds like a perfect marriage of filmmaker and subject.

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