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Jacked to the Future

August 30, 2012 Comments off

Somebody modified Grand Theft Auto to make it a DeLorean and you can play as Marty McFly. There’s even a “Time Travel” jump feature – how cool is this?


Joe’s Brushes with Fame, pt 2 – Back to the Universal

December 28, 2011 2 comments

So the group I used to perform with got hired to do a show on the backlot of Universal Studios. Someone was having a function there and we were the entertainment. I suspect that security is much tighter at Universal nowadays, but back then (1990?), no one was really watching us when we weren’t on stage, so we got to wander around the lot. Somewhere there’s a picture of me doing “The Scream” in front of the Psycho house, and stepping out of the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas zipping up my fly. Nothing too crazy because you’d see a few people around and every so often the tour bus would go by, so we had to keep it within some constraints.

The best part was after the show – we struck the set and someone pointed us in the direction of the parking lot. But no one actually escorted us there.

So we’re wandering around a completely deserted Universal Studios. I kept thinking someone should show up and stop us, but that just kept not happening. Back to the Future, pt II had just come out and the downtown set was still up.  So we’re wandering past the clock tower and the gas station, and looking at the soda shop. No one else wanted to do it, but c’mon, when were we gonna get a chance to walk through the soda shop from Back to the Future? Turns out that only the facades were still standing, inside was just a bunch of debris. But still, I was there.

In retrospect I’m thinking what an insurance nightmare this could have been, but again, it was 1990. Did lawyers even exist back then?

I kinda kept wanting to get caught, just because we’d gone so far around the lot, it seemed like SOMETHING should happen to us, but we just meandered back to the parking lot since we’d seen BTTF – how do you top that?

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