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The Home Stretch!

August 8, 2012 Comments off

After a long night of shooting (first scene ended about 1 hour after scheduled, but we finished about 1 ½ hours early!), we’re looking at the home stretch. Which is good, because the long night became longer when Emma decided at 3am (after I went to bed at 2am) that she didn’t want to sleep. Turns out that meat-lovers pizza doesn’t agree with a two-year-old’s stomach. She wasn’t crying, she just couldn’t get comfortable and wanted to be held, so Kat and I took turns until we figured out that it was her stomach and got her some gas relief. I think I’m running on about 2 hours sleep.

Today’s is one slightly tricky scene, then a lot of small, pretty simple ones.  Four not-too-tricky scenes on Thursday (though two of them include Emma), then lots of simple small scenes on Friday. Then we’re done shooting at the Dull home– I can’t wait to get my house back (and neither can Emma)!

Saturday is a simple scene on campus (we’re still looking for a few extras there – here’s the link to info for that), and Sunday’s our final day at Stoby’s, who was generous enough to let us use their space. It’s a “two guys in a booth” scene – doesn’t get much easier than that.

Let me say again that what makes all this go so well is my awesome cast. I’ll be working with our four leads for these last few days – Chris Fritzges, Courtney Bennett, Kenn Woodard, F.E. Mosby, and Dahren White. Really, it doesn’t get much better than those guys – they bring so much to each scene, it makes my job easy. So when I say the next few days will be easy, there are actually some pretty tough scenes emotionally for the actors, but I know what they can do, and they’ll be great!

Time to get back to work on prepping for today – we have to make the house look like a Cinco de Mayo party, hide the Christmas tree for later scenes, and trade out the painting in the living room for the Warhol sonogram. Don’t ask.

Turns out doing a film that takes place over nine months is kinda tricky – Kat keeps a database of what time of year everything is, and what changes in the set design from scene to scene, and we’d be lost without that!


Busy Week!

July 19, 2012 Comments off

All right – it’s been a busy, but productive week on the set of Sympathy Pains!

Monday was department head meetings. Talked through the next two weeks to make sure we’re all prepared and ready to go. Turns out we mostly are, which is good to know. :)

Tuesday we filmed two scenes – a quick bit at Pizzazz (thanks, Pam!) then over the King’s Dueling Piano, who let us take over for the night. Got to work with the always great Jim Harris – I wish we had a part for him more than just the one night, but man, is that guy funny and fun to hang out with! And Dahren White was fantastic, yet again. And had a lot of great extras show up as well.

Wednesday, the Little Rock Airport, after a few crossed signals, let us film, and we got a really nice short scene there.

And today. Man, I am I glad today is behind us. Today was filming with Chris Fritzges, who was awesome, and my 2-year-old Emma, who is also awesome, but only in the very few moments when she’s actually doing what we ask her to do.

We filmed “The Proposal” last year with Emma, and spent a day on a three page script in one location where she doesn’t move. Today had seven scenes and required her to do quite a bit. But she was a trooper, and even though we allowed time tomorrow for anything that we didn’t complete today, we got through everything! Now if it will only cut together, as we were making lots and lots of changes and decisions on the fly!

All this is building up to a big scene with lots of extras tomorrow night, the final scene of the birth on Saturday, and then all the comedy club scenes with tons of extras on Sunday. The last three months I’ve been dreading this Sunday, and it’s almost here… It’s gonna be a LONG day!

And a final note of thanks to our MVP, Shannon Leard, also my sister-in-law who has flew in from Australia to help us with Emma while we’re filming. We couldn’t do this without her!

62 Days until Production – Cast is Locked!

April 30, 2012 Comments off

We’ve finally locked our main cast for Sympathy Pains! We were all around Arkansas and Tennessee (and even Southern California) for the last two months, and found our final cast member just last week! We are EXTREMELY excited to announce our cast:

Playing Andrew, the slightly-sleazy comedy club owner is the not-sleazy-at-all Jim Harris. Jim played Zack in Table at Luigi’s, and his small role inspired the theme song for “Jump Up!” that was included as a special DVD feature on Luigi’s (you can also find it on the daringly Dull production website). We love Jim and I wrote The Proposal for him to star in last summer.

Jerk lead comic Hunter is played by the actually-quite-pleasant and definitely comic Michael “Doc” Davis. Doc’s a great comedian and fine actor in his own right and I’m really looking forward to working with him – this will be our first time working on film together, though I do get the pleasure of watching him host the Conway Children’s Advocacy Alliance Kidfest every year, and he’s awesome! His website is here, by the way – check him out!

Jan, best friend to the lead Stephanie, will be played (wonderfully, I’m certain) by F.E. Mosby, who you may also remember from Table at Luigi’s as Melanie. I still remember when F.E. came in to audition for Luigi’s and so completely knocked me out with her reading. I’d had a great actress for our stage version in California, and was worried about finding anyone who could replace her in my head. F.E. did that easily, and I’m overjoyed to have the privilege to work with her again.

Another friendly face from Luigi’s is Len Schlientz, who played the silent Jeremy, and sat in the corner having wonderfully strange reactions to the food. He was awesome in that small role, and I know will tear it up as Dr. Soros, the world’s single worst OBGYN.

And Darhen White, yet another Luigi’s veteran, will play comedian/cougar Tammy, who tries to sink her teeth into our lead, Danny. When I called Dahren to ask her to accept the role, she asked me if it was type-casting. I initially had a different answer to that, but as I typed this, I accidentally typed that I’d called “Tammy” instead of Dahren – I already see her in the role. :)

Those are our main characters, minus the three top-billed roles, Danny, Stephanie, and father-in-law Jim. I’m going to stretch this out until later this week to reveal them.

Man, do we have a great cast! Let’s get to filming this thing!

And I’d be remiss not to mention our sponsorship opportunities – be a part of our film by supporting it now!

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