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One Month!

August 23, 2013 2 comments

We are officially one month away from the Conway Premiere of Sympathy Pains. UCA’s Reynolds Performance Hall, Sept 23, at 7:30pm. And to celebrate, I finally got around to making a very sophisticated trailer. Enjoy!


We Have a DATE!

March 4, 2013 Comments off

Toilet LogoSet your calendars now: The local premiere of Sympathy Pains has a date– we’ll be screening:

  • 7:30pm on Monday, Sept 23, 2013
  • Reynolds Performance Hall
  • on the UCA Campus

We’re planning to have movie props and memorabilia, red carpet arrivals, cameras and interviews, and, of course, the premiere of the film. And a healthy amount of drinking afterward. It’ll be a lot of work to get there, but I’m really looking forward!

I realized this weekend how long it’d been since I’d done an update about the film – things have been moving along great. My audio team has been doing really good work getting things prepped, and Paul, the composer has been writing some beautiful music. We meet every week and he’s been blowing me away! The visual effects crew, led by Scott Meador has been working away, and I should be able to see things from them soon.

The only step that’s behind schedule is my work on the dialogue mix. My Sound Designer/Mixer Jason Miller and I split that work up and I need to get on the stick. I love and hate when I’m the one who’s holding us back. :)

We’re looking ahead to ADR in a few weeks (which I also need to get prepped!), and then we’ll start the audio pre-mixing.

We’ll be recording the score in late April, just in time for the final mix in early May. Hopefully, we’ll finish the mix just in time for my second baby girl to be born on May 11th.

It’s been a busy couple of months, and will continue to be busy until it gets even busier with a new addition to the family!

151 Days Till Production – AUDITIONS!

January 31, 2012 Comments off

Some of the fun part of filmmaking – auditions! We’ll be doing auditions for Sympathy Pains soon, and all the details are at this link, including the casting notices and schedules.

For the last film, we saw some fabulously talented people, and some very, very entertaining people. One auditioner, who wasn’t quite sure what a monologue was, composed a song to the lead character of the film, attempting to seduce him. I’m so looking forward to who we get to see next.

Kat’s been dealing with some interesting people, who don’t seem to be able to follow links  – she’ll email them the link to the info, then they’ll proceed to ask when the auditions are (that’s the top part of the page) and what any of the parts are (that’s the second half of the page). One girl then sent a third email, asking what a monologue was.  Kat’s way too nice. :) This is what “Let me Google that for you” was created for.

Here’s the basic info for anyone interested, with more detailed info available here:

Sympathy Pains Feature Film Auditions

Friday, February 24th
5pm to 8:30pm

Little Rock
Saturday, February 25th
10am to 3pm

TBA (the weekend of March 9th, but we’re still digging up a location – if you know of a place, please let us know!)

Saturday, March 10th
10am to 1pm

Hot Springs
Saturday, March 17th
10am to 3pm

See you there!


December 14, 2011 Comments off

Very excited about the puppetry meeting I had this morning with Holly Laws and Mike Gunter. We discussed options and ideas for the puppetry portions of Sympathy Pains. I talked them down from the YOU WANT HOW MANY SCENES BY WHEN tree, and they talked me down from trying to compete with the Muppets. Very productive meeting, I must say, and I’m really looking forward to digging into this part of the film!

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