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Baby, if you’ve ever wondered…

March 16, 2015 Comments off
For those of you too young to remember, WKRP in Cincinnati was a show about a radio station that lasted 90 episodes from 1978-1982. You may know it for the Thanksgiving Day episode, “Turkeys Away.”

I saw it mostly in reruns, but when it’s music licensing ran out (I’m guessing after about 10 years), rather than pay the ridiculous amounts of money for the original songs (lots of rock and roll, mostly), they instead replaced the music with “sound-alike” music that didn’t sound like the originals at all. In a few places they also had to replace the dialogue under the music, since there weren’t always separate audio tracks. They didn’t get the original actors back, and it sounded pretty horrible.
But even more than that, the music was a strong part of the show’s charm. It’s still a good show without the original soundtrack, but it was a really good show with that music. Here’s an article covering the Shout Factory!’s new re-issue of WKRP, with as much of the original music as anyone’s ever going get until it goes into public domain in about 100 years.
And here’s where to buy it (for $119! – complete with a short video of the Thanksgiving Day episode).
I’m so looking forward to hearing Foreigner “Hot Blooded” when Les gets ready for his date with Jennifer. I checked – it’s in there.
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