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This Is Not the Film You Are Looking For

March 10, 2015 Comments off

Hey, look. It’s the rejection letter that United Artists sent to George Lucas about some movie he wanted to make called “The Star Wars.” What do you think ever happened to that script?


20 Great Seconds – Menacing Dances

November 29, 2011 2 comments

So sorry for being offline for Thanksgiving. In apology, I’ve got two 10 Great Seconds, and I’m putting together some filmmaking blogs that I should have up by the end of the week that I think people will like.

The first 10 Great Seconds is from the Phantom Menace. I distinctly remember being at the 3am screening (and falling asleep shortly after the film began), so excited to be seeing the new Star Wars. Then the second sentence of the opening scroll came up, about taxation and trade routes. I knew this was not the film I was looking for (see what I did there?).

I use Star Wars (the good one) and Phantom Menace as examples in class all the time for all sorts of things. But you have to say that Lucas is true to himself with both of these film. Star Wars (the good one) is about who Lucas was at the time – a young, scrappy fighter, taking on a filmmaking empire who told him again and again that he couldn’t make his space opera – that it wouldn’t work. But he took on the empire and won – and Star Wars (the good one), for all its many many faults (looking at you, Mark Hamill, and you, Lucas dialogue), is Lucas’ story, and that’s why it works. You can tell he woke up every morning going “I get to make Star Wars (the good one) today.” He probably didn’t know that it was the good one at the time, but once I get stuck in a joke, I commit.

The Phantom Menace is also Lucas’ story. He’s no longer a young rebel bucking the system. He’s still writing about his life and experiences, but now his experience is board rooms, debates, and trade unions. And that’s why you get this:

It’s still a George Lucas film, but no one wants his life anymore. Not really. We want to be the young up and comer who has to overcome great difficulties, not the old guy who has to manage the people around him.

Now on to a 10 Great Seconds I’ve been wanting to post for a while. In celebration of the season – it’s the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, and yes, it’s the dancing on the stage section.

Everyone always remembers the kid bouncing on toe from side to side, but there are SO many great little dances happening that I always forget: the kid doing the zombie walk kills me, and the red-haired girl just waving her arms to either side is awesome! And then there’s Snoopy on guitar – c’mon, that’s just five shades of kickass.

Happy Holidays – enjoy the coming season!

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