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Copyright and the Absurd

May 29, 2012 2 comments

All right, so two guys, Brian Kamerer and Travis Irvine, make a funny video. They put it on youtube. Someone on Jay Leno’s staff sees it. Without asking permission or blessing (I don’t know youtube’s copyright agreements, but I’m sure NBC’s lawyers would’ve called if they needed permission), Jay Leno puts the video on his show. I assume that he mentioned the video makers names. Cool, right? Free publicity, notoriety – no harm, no foul, kinda cool, actually.

Until recently when youtube took down the video because NBC claimed copyright of it. Because it had aired on the Jay Leno show and therefore is NBC owned.

This is one of those times where I find it very difficult to defend corporate copyright law.

Here’s Brian’s open letter to Jay Leno. It’s kinda funny.


10 Great Seconds – OVITZ!

January 27, 2012 Comments off

Despite the slightly odd impersonations of Leno and Letterman, The Late Shift is a pretty great movie about the “Late Night Wars” that took place after Carson stepped down from the Tonight Show, and Letterman and Leno fought to be his successor.  It was on HBO, with a lot of familiar faces in the cast, notably Kathy Bates as Helen Kushnick (Jay Leno’s infamous manager), and Treat Williams as superagent Michael Ovitz.

Williams oozes charm without actually oozing. This 10 seconds is just awesome, as he is through the entire film.

The setup: Leno’s been offered the show – Letterman’s stuck in a contract that makes him the 12:30 NBC show to Leno’s 11:30, so he goes looking for an agent who can help. You gotta see the whole scene- it was so hard to pick any single 10 seconds.

He looks personally angry, doesn’t he?

Supposedly John Michael Higgins (who played Letterman) got booked on Letterman after the film came out, only to get bumped from the show that night for no great reason – and was never booked again.


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