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Kick-Ass Diva Sizzle Reel

May 29, 2014 Comments off

So this is the sizzle reel I’ve been trying to find an afternoon to finish since March. It’s to give a sense of the feel of my short The Kick-Ass Diva (if you want to know about the film, it’s in this post right here). Hope you like it!

For those who don’t know what a “sizzle reel” is (I really loathe that name) – it’s basically a trailer for a show that hasn’t been made yet. It’s put together in pre-production to give a tone and basic concept of the finished project. Sometimes it incorporates some footage that’s already been shot, and sometimes it re-purposes footage from other sources (or both).

There’s a semi-famous sizzle reel that director Joe Carnahan put together for a possible Daredevil film that never got made, unfortunately. It looks like it could be a lot of fun. Here’s that reel:


The Kick-Ass Diva, with details

September 17, 2012 Comments off

I thought I’d flesh out some of the “Kick-Ass Diva” creation. It all started last spring, when I was at a reunion of some theatre friends I used to work with in California. Kat was working during part of the reunion and was not being receptive to my “beck and call” needs that morning, so I took a walk. The most annoying part of me throwing a tantrum is that I’m generally completely aware of the fact that I’m being a child, but don’t want to do anything about it.

The trick to getting myself out of the funk is to focus myself somewhere else (which, you may recognize, is the same technique parents use with their one-year-olds). So as I’m being both child and parent, I started thinking about projects I could do with my friends, and I focused on Brooke Aston, a great singer and actress, and one of the great strengths of an offshoot theatre company that I ran for a while.  According to her website, she also “thrills audiences with her great voice, her versatility, and her charm!” That’s her to the left.

About a minute into thinking about her and what she might be able to do, the “Kick-Ass Diva” was born. I didn’t come up with the name until about a month ago, but the character was fully formed. She sings, she kicks ass. Sometimes, she does both at the same time.

What drew me to the proejct beyond the character and the premise, was that I also want to work on an action flick, and really push myself to think visually about a knock-down, drag-out fight scene. I tend to shy away from that stuff in my work, which tells me that I need to expand.

I’d talked with Brooke back at the reunion about the project, and she was really into it, and I was so glad to find that she’s still interested now, six months later. Barring her appearing on Broadway, she’ll be in our guest room for the shoot in Arkansas next summer.

And that’s how the Kick-Ass Diva came to be. I’ll be putting more details up soon. In the meantime, here’s a link to Brooke’s Website.









“The Kick-Ass Diva” Pitch

September 13, 2012 Comments off

I’m having my students pitch their short film projects this week, and I’ve decided to use their deadlines for a project I’m planning to shoot next summer.  In their pitches, they had to introduce their story and characters in 90 seconds. So here’s mine:

The “Kick-Ass Diva” sings like a bird and strikes like a cheetah. She draws the bad guys to her shows, then takes them down like the skilled mercenary she is. Is she a singer who moonlights as a spy? Is she a secret agent disguised as a soprano? Who cares, she’s the Kick-Ass Diva.

The Diva begins crooning her song (“I Can’t Lose for Losing You”), and eyes Peter Voltok in the audience. As she sings, an invitation drops on his table: “Meet me backstage.” A raised eyebrow from the Diva confirms that yes, it’s from her.

Backstage, the Diva and Voltok raise a glass, but Voltok sees her watching him too closely. He looks at the rim of his glass and sees a thin residue – acid! The Diva catches his hesitance, and throws a roundhouse kick his way, but he deflects and sends her flying against the wall. He lunges, but she’s already moved. As they struggle, she begins listing off his international atrocities.  He doesn’t deny, and smiles at a few. His final sin: he didn’t tip the band.

They continue blow for blow, until he gets the upper hand and takes one of their broken celebration glasses to her throat. Before he can deliver the death blow, the Diva belts a C above high-C, shatters the glass, and the force of her vocal waves sends a shard deep into his chest. A quick blow lodges it into Voltok’s heart. He drops his $3 tip from his chest pocket and breathes his last. The Diva takes the tip, straightens her dress, and quietly goes back to her drink.

It’s a very rough concept of what will probably be a four-minute movie. What’cha think? I’ll post more about the Diva in a bit.

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