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10 Great Seconds – Now That Oughtta Do It!

May 20, 2012 Comments off

Ruthless People. I still remember the trailer from 1986 – it ended with the scene below, and it made me want to go see it. Danny DeVito plays a scumbag, married to rich Bette Midler. He’s been waiting for her father to die, but he just keeps living, so he’s planning on having her killed. This is a comedy, by the way.

Before DeVito can act, Midler is kidnapped by Judge Rienhold and Helen Slater. They got screwed by DeVito in a business deal and want to get their money. DeVito thinks he’s now in the clear – don’t pay the ransom and they’ll do the job for him, but they were never planning on going through with it. As DeVito gets tired of waiting, this scene plays:

It’s a funny movie that deserves better than the 6.8 rating it has on IMDB.

And for those keeping track, I’ve been bumped up and am currently #5 on a google image search for Matthew Perry. Still based off the one picture I posted back in… December? I’m pretty sure I can capitalize on this to finally achieve internet fame.


Go directly to Google

May 7, 2012 Comments off

Seriously, go to Google right now, type in Matthew Perry, and look at the sixth picture that comes up. That’s my blog! I’m famous! At least half of my traffic is people looking for that photo. I should really get into the Matthew Perry business, I’d have a much more popular blog.

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Welcome to the many, many fans of Matthew Perry!

February 7, 2012 Comments off

Somehow, I’m the 7th most popular picture of Matthew Perry on Google image search. I don’t know how that happened, but thanks to all his wonderful fans for checking out my website! I think there may be too few pics of Matthew Perry out there if the one I stole from some other poor website is #7.

Here’s the link to the picture that you’re looking for (and my lame-o story that goes with it). While you’re here, stick around on the blog and find out about my boring life and less-boring films, won’t you?


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Joe’s Brushes with Fame, pt 1

December 20, 2011 Comments off

I thought it might be fun to recount some of my lame brushes with fame. I promise they get better than this first one.

So I was at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, helping a friend with a filmmaking workshop. We were taking the kids to see AI, and as we were waiting on the rest of our group so we could leave, I was developing a serious crush on the Supergirl taking pictures and signing autographs outside the theatre.

Then suddenly, I turn and see a guy I recognize. That happens all the time because I’m lousy with recognizing faces, so I usually just smile and nod and let it go, because I may or may not actually know them, but I’m covered either way. Not too commital, but not too aloof. :)

So the guy smiles and nods at me, and then a moment later, I realize that it’s Matthew Perry (from Friends), and he definitely doesn’t know me. Which then made me think how funny it was that he nodded at me, because, as I astutely computed, the TV doesn’t both ways.

Trust me, this is better than the Arsenio Hall and his entourage almost ran me over, or the Nia Peeples didn’t come to my party stories.


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