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Sympathy Pains Poster!

September 11, 2013 Comments off

Little piece by little piece, we’re getting ready for the big premiere for Sympathy Pains! Here’s a link to more info about the film, by the way. Just finished the poster, which I really like. Shot by my DP Mike Gunter, and with much help from UCA Theatre guru Tom Marhanke.

SP Poster -THIS ONE4

And just a reminder – the premiere for SP (UCA’s second narrative feature film) is Monday, Sept 23, 7:30pm at UCA’s Reynolds Performance Hall. Come early – it seems like it’s gonna be a crowd!


Countdown to Picture Lock!

January 4, 2013 Comments off

Toilet LogoWe lock picture on Sympathy Pains on Monday. It’s pretty crazy how all the “we’ll decide that later” decisions get thrown into full gear when later is now.

Held a small screening for a few people (thanks Mike and John! – oh, and Kat!) and may have solved the main problem we’ve been having with the film and character motivations since the first cut, just by reorganizing a couple of scenes.

I’m an editor, and it’s still always amazing to me how pliable a film is – how much play you have in the edit bay. An emotional scene with our characters arguing becomes something very different, and even more powerful (hopefully) just by rearranging the order of scenes and having them argue about a different moment. It’s pretty miraculous and always surprising. Surprising in three ways: that the idea even occurs, that it’s possible, and that it actually works.

This is why I love the edit bay – for everything you think isn’t possible, because you only have the footage that’s been handed to you, you can do almost anything with it.

And it’s all over on Monday.

Once the film’s out, we’ll have to have a contest to see if anyone can find the shot that’s completely constructed from a still frame (hint: it involves a less-than-cooperative 2-year-old), and how many hidden slo-mo and sped up shots you can find.

More Filmin’ Stuff…

July 22, 2012 Comments off

Today on Sympathy Pains, we had Sharpe Dunaway of The Point 94.1 on set – and there really isn’t a nicer guy to have around. Professional, early for his call, and funny, what more could you ask for? He came up with a great line on set, and gave it to another actor – how often do you find someone willing to do that? Couldn’t be happier with having him around, and having him on camera!

Micheal “Doc” Davis, Chucky D and Sam Letchworth were our other three primary comedians, who all did a GREAT job.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but we are so fortunate with the people who are coming out to be on camera, from the speaking roles, who are AWESOME, to all of the great extras – we had about 30 people on camera today, and we still finished early.

We were filming today (and tomorrow) at the Loony Bin Comedy club in Little Rock – not to turn this into a commercial, but you should go check out a show there. They’re great people, who basically turned over the keys to us to do what we want. And ran back to help us fix problems a couple of times during the day, too!

This was the day I’d been worried about the since we began filming. It was the longest day, with the most moving parts. But when we finished the most complex scene earlier than scheduled, I knew we were in good shape. We were so far ahead, we took dinner earlier than planned, and were still on schedule as if we hadn’t taken the break!

I was praising our student crew the other day, but I have to stop and say a few words about Mike Gunter, who is on the faculty at UCA with me.

Mike’s my director of photography, but more than that, he’s my collaborator, my voice of reason, and my friend. We were joking on set about Mike today, trying to say nasty things about him that were the complete opposite of who he is – and the key thing was to say that he’s not giving of himself, because nothing could be further from the truth. But to keep me from getting mushy, let me keep this technical. Mike is the perfect DP for me, because he’ll fight with me to keep the image looking good, but also understands when we have to keep moving so we can finish the day. I can’t speak for how he sees our partnership, but I know that I would hate to try and do anything like this without him. He helps keep me focused on image when I just want to play with the actors. And he also helps to shelter me from having to worry about the image so I can just play with the actors. I know he’s going to give me something that looks great, so I can focus my energy elsewhere, and he’s going to give that image to me in record time so we’re not waiting on lighting.

I wanted to start a new paragraph to add emphasis to this: Mike makes the crazy things I want to do work 100 times better, and I’m insanely fortunate to have him on my team.

You have to have a team that you can trust and can bring you good results, and Mike is an incredibly important part of that team. I’ll talk about the other person you need to have tomorrow.

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