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Our opera / baby shower / boxing / morning sickness / jogging movie

July 13, 2012 Comments off

Seven days down, 24 to go! And only one more 6am call tomorrow morning and we’re done with early mornings. The weather’s been holding up incredibly, cool and no rain, so we’ve been finishing early every day. YAY!

Just got the last of the home renovations finished, so we can do the rest of our filming here. Another YAY!

The cast just keeps impressing the hell out of me – man, is it fun watching them do what they do. And my crew’s been awesome as well.

We keep joking that if we were making an opera / baby shower / boxing / morning sickness / jogging film, we’d be finished now. Tomorrow it’ll be a musical / opera / baby shower / boxing / morning sickness / jogging film. We’ve got about 12 “dancing daddies” and a park tomorrow.  Kat’s been going over all the choreography and making it sing. I’m so looking forward to making a musical sequence!



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10 Great Seconds – Enchanted

October 23, 2011 2 comments

Another 10 Great Seconds – this is the last bit of the big musical number in “Enchanted.” This movie is about 100 times better than the premise has the right to be. It’s a really fun script and the performances are spot on. But this musical number that breaks out in Central Park spontaneously, because that’s what happens around Disney Princesses, is beyond great. After we finished the movie, I went back and made Kat watch it again. It’s just such an explosion of happiness. I’ll get to “Make em Laugh” from “Singin in the Rain” eventually, but this is on par with that.

The music is by Alan Menken and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. This is perfect Schwartz material – it’s slightly a parody, so it lets him use his cynicism for good, instead of just being depressing. Same as he did with “Wicked.”

What to look for: Amy Adam’s hands – they never leave that Disney Princess position. She must have had carpal tunnel when they wrapped. And then watch everything. This is all the people they met during the course of the song, all now coming together for the big finish. There’s some new fun thing to watch every time I look at it, but I always come back to the old people doing their moves in half time, and their ending position. It just makes me happy.

You should watch this one in full screen, by the way.

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