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What a Weekend!

March 12, 2012 Comments off

So the bad part, first. Memphis auditions got cancelled when the PT Cruiser’s water pump seized, snapping the timing belt about 30 miles outside the Tennessee border. That made for quite the Saturday, but eventually, thanks to the AWESOME Chris Fritzges, we made it home not that much later than we would have if we’d made it.

Good news – the car is repaired, and friends of Kat’s are coincidentally driving that way Wednesday morning, so we don’t have to call any more favors for the 2 hour drive there. :)

We’re looking to re-schedule in Memphis asap!

The best part of the weekend – met on Friday with Holly Laws about the puppets in Sympathy Pains, and we had some GREAT ideas. We finally came up with a good design idea for the puppets themselves, which led into great discussions about the looks of the individual puppet scenes. I’ll be doing some prep work over Spring Break (next week!) and her crew can start the building after that! I love getting things settled!




December 14, 2011 Comments off

Very excited about the puppetry meeting I had this morning with Holly Laws and Mike Gunter. We discussed options and ideas for the puppetry portions of Sympathy Pains. I talked them down from the YOU WANT HOW MANY SCENES BY WHEN tree, and they talked me down from trying to compete with the Muppets. Very productive meeting, I must say, and I’m really looking forward to digging into this part of the film!

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