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Joe’s Brushes with Fame, pt 2.5

January 2, 2012 Comments off

While I’m tempted to list Kat’s assurances that Kris Allen passed us at Panera Bread on New Year’s Eve, I’m going to post a different story tonight, one that isn’t all that much better. That’s why it’s “part 2.5.”

Another show, this one at some Hollywood producer’s Christmas party probably 20 years ago. We didn’t know what we were walking into when we were going to do the show, but we were at some compound in Beverly Hills. As we moved back and forth from the dressing area to the stage in rehearsals, people in the cast reported seeing famous people left and right. I honestly can’t remember who any of them are, I just remember being impressed with the names. I can never recognize anyone, so I didn’t see anyone until the show.

The performance was divided into three or four 10-minute sections, and in one part, all the guys sneaked onto stage dressed as Santa Clauses, and started doing a number.

The stage, when we weren’t performing, was used as a dance floor, so we were moving in amongst people dancing, many with drinks in their hands. The ones I remember were the last two to leave the stage, confused and probably more than a little drunk.

So we’re trying to dance around Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone who, as you can imagine are two difficult guys to shove out of the way. Arnold moved a bit faster, and we danced around Stallone for quite a few bars until he finally figured out what was going on.

And that’s the whole story. They sat down, we did the show and went home. I wish it had some part where one of them took a swing at me or something – or that we ended up doing Jell-o shots at the bar, no such luck. Again, it’s part .5. You get what you pay for, right?


10 Great Seconds – The Chair

November 16, 2011 2 comments

This is from Rocky Balboa – the last (so far…) Rocky film. This was a tough film. It was slow, not really great, but I still enjoyed it. I have a rule with movies, you can buy ten minutes of my time with a good moment, and this film is filled with good moments, about nine minutes apart. I just kept watching, even though in between the nine minutes not a lot was happening, because then another really cool thing would happen.

The scene is the strongest example of that, right at the beginning. The movie starts with Rocky at Adrian’s grave, which is not really an original idea for a scene. But then he gets up from his chair, and does this. This is why I kept watching this movie, because they kept doing stuff like this moment, that’s just clever and so… Rocky. Stuff like this is why I loved him in the first movie, and put up with all the sequels.

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