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Avoiding actually using the Widescreen

September 21, 2015 Comments off

How much time was spent getting video to be widescreen, just to make sure that no one’s eyes actually go to the edge of the frame? I’m learning Apple Motion (which, three chapters into the Training Manual, I’m liking) and here’s the background for seemingly every tutorial:

Rockumentary Behaviors Start 1

Clearly, the feathered black edge is meant to make the sides something that your eyes avoid looking at.

And that’s the point with most color correction. How much color correction is designed to keep you focused on the center of the image – or for all intents and purposes, the fullscreen part of the shot? How excited were we when color correction tools made it easy to mask around the main character’s face and darken everything else, to direct our eyes to the lead character, and, essentially, void out the part of the screen that makes it widescreen?

Why do we need widescreen, again?

Just two glasses of wine and a Motion Workbook. I’ll be here annoying my wife with my insights all night – you just get the part I’m willing to type. :)

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